Lempäälän Energia begins cooperation with the growth company Capalo AI, which offers trading, optimization, and aggregation services for energy storage, for the comprehensive optimization of the 4 MW battery storage in the LEMENE microgrid. Lempäälän Energia’s LEMENE microgrid is a unique, self-sufficient entity in the Nordic countries that utilizes renewable energy. The microgrid combines several forms of renewable energy generation and a 4.0 MW BESS into a smartly controlled system. In addition, the grid can operate as an islanded network thanks to the battery energy storage system.

Capalo AI’s artificial intelligence solution enables the LEMENE microgrid battery system to operate in multiple markets, contributing to maintaining the power balance of the grid and maximizing the battery’s revenue from grid balancing. Multi-market optimization allows the battery’s power to be offered to those marketplaces where the demand is highest at any given moment. This benefits both the battery owner, Lempäälän Energia, and all users of the electricity grid.

The electricity market is becoming increasingly fierce and complex with the green transition. Capalo AI’s fully automated AI-based trading models will keep up with the market changes. Trading strategies update constantly and automatically to achieve the best market returns. The optimization system also considers local network power tariffs and transmission charges in its overall optimization.

The cooperation between Lempäälän Energia and Capalo AI is a significant step towards a more stable and secure electricity network.

Mikko Kettunen, CEO of Lempäälän Energia:
“The electricity market has become more volatile in recent years, and consistently finding the right bidding strategy is key to maximizing the value of energy storage. We understand the competitive advantage of AI and machine learning in a rapidly changing market. We are excited to partner with an innovative growth company in this field.”

Henri Taskinen, CEO of Capalo AI:
“Energy storage plays a key role in maintaining the stability of the electricity system as society becomes more electrified and renewable energy production increases rapidly. This collaboration is an excellent demonstration of our commitment to meeting the needs of the future electricity grid and the role of intelligent optimization and artificial intelligence in maximizing the value of energy storage.”

Capalo AI is a sustainable tech company that maximizes the value of energy storage systems across all markets. We combine the most accurate forecast data with cutting-edge AI models to optimize the trading of battery energy storage systems.

“Lempäälän Energia Oy’s mission is to act as an energy production company and operator of the LEMENE energy system in the Marjamäki region. We produce district heat with biomass-based production in two different heating plants. Electricity is produced from solar power and a combined heat and power generation system. The electricity produced supports the Nordic electricity network, and with industrial-scale battery storage, we participate in balancing the national electricity network’s consumption and production. The municipality of Lempäälä owns Lempäälän Lämpö, and Lempäälän Lämpö owns Lempäälän Energia.”