Jyrki Saarinen joins Capalo AI Board Of Directors

Jyrki Saarinen joins Capalo AI Board Of Directors!

Jyrki Saarinen strengthens Capalo AI’s board. He has strong international high-tech business experience after founding and growing Heptagon to almost a unicorn (exit valuation of 920 MUSD instead of 1 BUSD) and spending seven years in Silicon Valley followed by several new board positions in Finnish startups and SME’s and helping a couple of new companies to successful international exit. In the past, he has also studied machine learning under the supervision of Teuvo Kohonen and collaborated with another pioneer in the field, Erkki Oja.

“I’m excited to refresh my interest in machine learning and join a group of highly talented experts. Capalo AI is a kind of software version of Heptagon’s hardware business, where the startup holds leading know-how of technology, which we will hear and experience for years to come. We have both the option for multiple fields of business, but also the challenge, how and where to find the first killer applications, then the second applications for major growth etc.”, says Jyrki Saarinen.